1. To organize workshops and to create a coalition for social innovators as a way to bridge network and cultural divides and devise innovative ways to support our shared efforts.
  2. To stimulate more holistic thinking and approaches to solving complex issues that leads to synergistic interactions that mimic nature.
  3. To promote more sustainable processes of commerce and investment to facility a sustainable and socially just global society.

Strategic Initiatives

In view of the growing interest and participation of volunteering to do service and learning around the globe, Bamboo Community College, Okogreen, Dharma Drum University and oneVillage as a coalition are developing strategic initiatives to cultivate social innovators.

1. Social Innovator Workshop

This workshop aims toequip the volunteers with knowledge and skills to engage in field work in a practical way. We identified eight areas that we consider as core knowledge and basic skills to foster social innovation and community regeneration.
  • Fair Trade
  • Citizen Journalism
  • Digital Archive
  • Storytelling through Documentary
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Storytelling for Community Development & Organizational Change Management
  • Open Source and Development
  • Unity Drum for Team Building and Singularity on Vision Quest

2. Social Innovation Hubs

Social Innovation Hubs offer lectures and to the Global Citizens about the trends. The “hub” will serve as an open space for people to share their experiences and creativity. Through the ‘hub’ activities a culture “Networked Improvement Community” will be evolved and we will further develop more subjects for subject experts to have the chance to lead and create.

3. Social Innovation Service Learning Team

We are a university that emphasizes realizations in life. The University is designed to foster cross-field integration, residential learning, and global citizenship. We are committed to create an action-based learning environment so that students may develop careers that match personal strengths with concrete social needs. As students are enrolled into the University the coming year, we will invite students to engage in the project and to form a team for international service learning and social innovation.


Social Innovator for the 21st Century