What: Social Innovation for an Improved World with Dharma Drum University (DDU)

Where: Dharam Drum University, Taipei, Taiwan (No.77, Yanping S. Rd.Taipei)

When: 1-4pm / Oct. 13, 2010

Why: To discuss DDU’s scope and vision in field study & design with our international communities (Belize, Indonesia, Taiwan, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria) with practices in the areas of ICT education, appropriate technology, indigenous cultural preservation and promotion, environmental protection, renewable technology for eco-living and food production towards an improved world.


  • Apply Jia, CEO of Bamboo Community University Association (BCUA), Taiwan
  • Kieran Ryan, Director of Department of Computer Science, Sacred Heart College, Belize
  • Syafrizaldi Jpang, Board Member of Sumatra Sustainable Support (SSS), Indonesia
  • Panut Hadisiswoyo, Founding Director of Orangutan Information Centre (OIC), Indonesia
  • Okta Setiawan, Aceh Region Coordinator of AirPutih Foundation, Indonesia
  • Nick Lee, Program Manager, Bamboo Community University Association, Taiwan

Dharma Drum University

  • 劉安之, Principal of Dharma Drum University, Taiwan
  • 辜琮瑜, Assistant Professor of School of Life & Living, DDU, Taiwan
  • 陳平坤, Assistant Professor of School of Life & Living, DDU, Taiwan
  • 吳正中, Assistant Professor of School of Philanthropy , DDU, Taiwan
  • 孔健中, Assistant Professor of School of Environmental Studies, DDU, Taiwan
  • 黃啟豪, Project Assistant of School of Philanthropy , DDU, Taiwan
  • 黃詩婷, Project Assistant of School of Life & Living, DDU, Taiwan
  • 薛怡平, Volunteer of School of Life & Living, DDU, Taiwan

Event will be conducted both in English and Mandarin. 

Moderator & Interpretor
Joy Tang, Founder, oneVillage Foundation (volunteering)

1:00-1:10  Opening – DDU Host & Joy Tang
1:10-1:30  Introduction of DDU’s visions and planning on Field Study & Design – President Liu of DDU
1:30-1:45  NGO Leadership Forum – Apple Jia
1:45-2:00  ICT Education Development in Belize – Kieran Ryan – Students in Belize are challenged to solve educational problems in rural areas where others have failed.
2:00-2:15  Sumatra Sustainable Support – Syafrizaldi Jpang
2:15-2:30  Break
2:30-2:45  Orangutan Information Centre – Panut Hadisiswoyo
2:45-3:30  Group Discussion
3:00-3:50  Group Discussion – All
3:50-4:00  Comment & Feedback – President Liu of DDU

Suggested Questions for Discussion:

  1. How to design an effective overseas internship program?
  2. What kind of attitude/personality/background knowledge should international volunteer have?
  3. Regarding the time length of overseas internship, what is most proper for a rookie international volunteer?
  4. How to identify the potentials and qualities of a leader (such as training leaders on how to become problem solvers)?
  5. How to design an environment where the leadership potentials and qualities could be maximized?
  6. How to create a culture where the learned experiences and knowledge could be shared and utilized by others?
  7. Recruitment and participant selection: Consider how Prospective students could join this process; learning and contributing thus honing their leadership skills.

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