We identify three core aspects for student competence:
Attitudes and Approaches: We value social benefits and their realization;
Entrepreneurial and Managerial Abilities: We equip students with capabilities in creating and managing social enterprises;
Understanding Global Context: We foster a deeper understanding of local issues and actions in the context of globalization.
Competency Attributes
Attitude and Orientation
To value social benefits and their realization
To value helping others, mutual aid, reciprocity, and cooperation
To reflect on the impact and issues of globalization
To promote citizenship and civic participation
Professional Skills:
Entrepreneurial and Managerial Abilities
To develop the ability for missions and visions
To manage a social enterprise effectively
To creatively transform problems into opportunities
To communicate with and to cultivate collaborators
To be able to use information and communication technologies
Understanding Global Context
To understand the contexts of civil society
To understand the dynamic relationships between political economy and social benefits
To understand the frontier issues regarding Internet culture and information technology development