Career Couching and Job Placement

  • Career Couching: The University offers comprehensive mentorship programs that each student will have four mentors to couch the four aspects of student life: professional learning, campus life, international internship, and career development. The University invites business executives who are identified with our mission or affiliated with Dharma Drum Mountain to be mentors and to support our students in international internship and career development.
  • Job Placement: The University aggressively invites businesses and organizations to offer job opportunities for our graduates. The goal is to guarantee sufficient, competent jobs to place all of our new graduates.

Job Outlook
Graduates of the program are competent in the job market. They will be trustworthy and value humanity and social care. They will be equipped with entrepreneurial and managerial skills, along with experiences in domestic and international internships. Some graduates are expected to be entrepreneurs. In addition, our emphases on interdisciplinarity and internationalization fit well into the workforce needs in the changing global economy.

Moreover, the changing demography in Taiwan and other parts of the world increases the pressure for social transformation. Our graduates will be competent to work for schools, nonprofits, religious organizations, or other types of social-benefit corporations and to develop innovative, transformative initiatives. Our training in the emerging fields of social enterprise and social media will also contribute significantly to students’ competence in the job market.

Interdisciplinary Approach to the Development of Career Competence
The University applies an interdisciplinary approach to cultivate graduate-level professionals. As the world changes so rapidly and the global issues transcend national and disciplinary boundaries, it would be outdated to train social science students for specialized job positions with clearly identified skills. What is needed is shifting toward the ability to innovate and integrate in a multi-cultural setting. The interdisciplinary approach fits well into such a new trend in developing career competence.