Based on the core value of Spiritual Environmental Protection, the M.A. program practices the spirit of social welfare and caring, cultivating knowledgeable social enterprise professionals with a global vision and a cross-disciplinary outlook. Our vision is to help foster communities that are conducive to spiritual well-being, social welfare, and sustainable development.

Distinguishing features:
i. Taking the Dharma Drum motto of Protection the Spiritual Environmental as our guiding principle; building a pure land on earth as our responsibility.
ii. Cultivating knowledgeable social enterprise professionals with the ability to engage in cross-disciplinary initiatives and promote the sustainability of communities and the environment.
iii. Engaging in self-reflection, fostering self-understanding, developing inner strengths, expanding resource connections, and enhancing the capacity for public welfare campaigns.
iv. A curriculum which meets the needs of society and incorporates both theory and practice.

Educational Goals:
i. To cultivate knowledgeable professionals steeped in the teaching of Protection the Spiritual Environmental.
ii. To create leaders capable of cross-disciplinary social innovation and management.
iii. To foster meaningful engagement in community issues to promote public welfare.
iv. To improve ecological and sustainable development literacy.